About us:

Burki Group is working in Pakistan. The group is Services Provider. It has worked successfully in  different fields. Burki Group was established in 2000. The group is completely  professional and it is administered by experienced and highly qualified staff. Head Office of the group is situated in Lahore, Pakistan. Burki Group is working all over Pakistan.

Burki  Group is registered with security exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP).The  group is certified and holder of NOC from the Government. The group is NTN registered (sales &  income tax). Burki Group is a member of “Chamber of Commerce” and ”All Pakistan  Security Agency Association” (APSAA). 

Companies of Burki Group

    X Vision Security Services

    Burki Builders & Developers

    Burki Courier Services

    Burki School System

    Burki Foundation

    Burki Collection

    Burki Estate